Recycling follow up!

In my July 13th post, I strayed a bit from the farming theme and talked a bit about the topic of recycling. I wanted to enter today’s post before the end of the month and that way it will archive with that post in July. On July 16th 2018, the company I work for, (Green Planet Plastics) hosted a recycling event just east of Biggs, California. It is an agricultural rich area and we collected empty and rinsed pesticide containers from growers throughout Butte County. Because this post is sort of off-topic, I’ll keep this short and follow up with a more conventional topic after the 1st of August.

What I want my followers to know is this….. On July 16th, Green Planet Plastics saw drop offs from 110 growers and we collected and ground up over 42,000 pounds of spent pesticide containers. That is not a typo folks. that is FORTY TWO THOUSAND. Those pesticide containers will be converted to plastic pallets and plastic corrugated pipe. No pesticide containers can legally be converted back to a container or any other product related to the food industry. EPA rules mandate the process. If you want to know more, just submit a question or comment. I just wanted you guys to know that many farmers do make a huge effort to be sustainable to the planet. After all, this earth sustains the farmer and all life. It’s the only earth we have! This blog is not the appropriate place to ask for donations, but tax deductible donations can be made to GPP Inc. if you agree.  You can find the address at their website shown below. Thank you from staff. Any amount, large or small helps the effort and checks are accepted.

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