The Camp Fire in California

I recently received a request to add posts and to do so more frequently. This subscriber was 100 percent correct.  I have been sort of "OUT OF THE LOOP" for several weeks thanks to the Camp Fire. This devastating fire started on November 8th about 6:30 in the morning. The death toll now stands at about 85 and 85 to 90 percent of the town of Paradise is simply gone! 

I had no personal loss, but I was in Paradise when the fire started and I did have several of my college students that lost homes, cars belongings or pets. Because of their losses and problems getting to campus, my schedule has really been impacted to say the least. 

I will try to make posts much more often now that the fire is out and a month has gone by. Next week is our last week of classes until we start up again in late January of 2019. God Bless and stay save. By the way, I did have some of my students help with animal rescue and I am housing an extra 11 chickens that somehow survived the fire. From Uncle Bill

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