The lambs have arrived

Yesterday, (5/23/2018) we hurriedly made last minute security adjustments to the fencing and went to pick up our new wether lambs. For those of you not familiar with the term, a wether is a "fixed" young male. Whereas, a ram is a sexually intact male. These three small ruminants will become the new grass trimmers for the 1/4 acre plot we have in front of the Clawfoot farmhouse. If you're unsure what a ruminant is.... check out the page ... "Projects on the Farm".  These particular lambs were purchased from the College Farm and were born quite late in the year. Actually in March, which would result in them being too small to make weight as project lambs for the local fair. Anyway, they were recently weaned and will do just fine as grass fed lambs on the new pasture. I've included several photos on the previously mentioned page. These are cross bred market lambs, not pure bred strains and are raised for consumption in the lamb industry.

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