Coming Soon ~ NEW Brooder Plans

The photo above is a snapshot of my brooder box plans! I will be building a reusable brooder for about 12 chicks to the age of about 6 weeks. At six weeks in late spring they should no longer need a heat source depending on your climate and area.

Watch for photos and instructions in the Projects page (As of May 1st I have not begun, so just watch for it!!!) I am a professor of AG Business, Animal Science and Natural Resources. I teach Livestock based nutrition. Not at the university, but at the nearby Community College.

All animals here at Clawfoot are raised in pastures, under the open sky with plenty of fresh air. Food from our animals is pasture raised, not pasteurized. Wholesome real food. Come along and you'll learn that real nutrition comes from real food. Greens, meat, eggs, dairy and fats can all be part of a healthy diet, but you have to source the food correctly and stay away from too much starch and sugar. Send your questions to me under the "Projects" page.

Regards from Uncle Bill

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April news at Clawfoot Farm

(DATE: 3/24/20)          These are important days at Clawfoot Farm. Part of what we do here is... raise pullets (young hens) for backyard keepers. We purchase day old chicks and then raise them to the age of 6  to 8 weeks. The cost includes feed and keeping the peepers safe and warm. Today is the day when my  customers receive their babies. The chicks are no longer dependent on a heat source and they are completely feathered, ready to move on to more permanent digs. Many customers want new hens on ocassion but don't want the hassle of checking on babies twice a day.

Anyway, these customers were really excited to see their new laying hens. This batch of chicks were hatched right around March 1st, so I told the clients not to expect eggs for several months, First time pullets will begin to lay at about 5 and 1/2 months depending on breed.  This group of pullets included Speckled Sussex, Barred Rocks, New Hampshire Reds and Americaunas. I always let the customer pick the breeds.

What you are seeing in the photo above are the New Hampshire Reds. This particular photo was taken showing my old plastic brooder box. Because of customer demand, we plan to build upgraded brooder boxes for sale at local feed stores. BIG NEWS!! I will be posting the plans for brooder boxes on this sight with photos... CHECK IT OUT, SOON!

MORE to come.... Uncle Bill


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Live the Rural Lifestyle

WOW! Never had an Uncle that lives in the country?

If you've never had an Uncle whose also a friend and who also promotes a healthy and happy live style.... WELL NOW YOU DO!

Please get to know me as "YOUR" Uncle Bill.

If you're new to this website or especially if you are new to rural life, please take a little time to check us out. If you don't have the time to read, look, think, or even take a deep breath.... you're probably not taking the time to slow down! Show a little patience and read on.

Lifestyle change, sustainability, and even homesteading trends seem to be all the rage these days. At Clawfoot, we'll use lessons and blogs to point subscribers in the right direction.

Our background and education is varied. Everything from construction, using recycled and repurposed materials... to health and wellness.

Health care and longevity should start with sound nutritional practices. The human body (like all animals) is capable of remarkable recovery and repair if given the proper building blocks and in the proper amounts.

By the way, if you care about the environment, check out the GO FUND ME ACCOUNT below. Spread the word on your social network and then come back to the Clawfoot Farm site. May you be blessed in the process.

Regards from Uncle Bill




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At this point, Clawfoot Farm may sound like any other Chicken website. There's a lot of hype and junk on the internet, so we'd like to help you sort through some of that.

In 2017,  I was chosen as our County Farm Bureau member of the year. The county is in Rural Northern California at the top of the Sacramento Valley and the Farm Bureau membership is over 1300 strong. I must admit, I was not only honored but humbled by the experience.

Please join your local farm bureau and get involved in protecting an American tradition and wonderful lifestyle.

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You probably need to know what makes us tick, so here goes. Animals have always been an important part of our lives. I almost chose a name like, "Practical Poultry" or "Common Sense Animal Husbandry" but this site will eventually  be much more than that! I teach animal nutrition, so I'll share important knowledge about your own health too. I am not a medical doctor, but our bodies need the same nutrients that our animals do. The portions may be slightly different depending on species and activity, but nutritional knowledge can help with your own metabolism too. Exciting? We think so.

Remember, I have a degree in Animal Science, I've been in the business for a few decades. I have answered a lot of questions and that's how I not only learned more, but developed a passion for all livestock and their care. Not just chickens and sheep, but all livestock species and concerns for our own health as well.

Keep in touch by sharing your questions and thoughts, that's how we all learn!   Uncle Bill from Clawfoot

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Now that we're totally up and running, please join us and do all the social media stuff to help make the site popular. Thanks for your help, here's to your health! Start by giving your thoughts and click the "BLOG" page below or from the  menu.  Uncle Bill