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Products and Services

At this point, I really don't have products to sell. But, it's likely we may end up promoting or even selling in the future. I am working on the ultimate in bedding material. Something that is super absorbent and helps eliminate odors. This material will be safe for chicks as well as for hens as they mature. A medium great for dust baths too. Prior to teaching, I was involved in construction so we'll try to help design different hen houses and play with costs and sizes to suit your needs. Check out "Projects on the Farm".


Services include speaking presentations and consulting. Audience size is at your option and convenience. Contact Clawfoot Farm experts via email for topic details. Our speaking seminars can by used as fund raisers in spite of costs involved.

View of the Volcano in the late Spring

Mt. Lassen in the Spring

Clawfoot Farm is nestled at the top of California's Sacramento Valley. California's eastern border represents the ridgeline of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with two volcanos. This is Mt. Lassen which last erupted about 100 years ago. Mt. Shasta is further north and near the Oregon border

First day of delivery for the new Wildcat statue

CSUC Chico and Butte College

This is a really cool statue that sits near the student center at California State University at Chico. This photo was taken around early April when the sculpture was just arriving. The mascot is the "Wildcats" so they picked a bobcat/lynx like image.

A family of geese trek to a small pool near Butte College

Possible Products coming

Clawfoot Farm will likely offer some services and/or products, but for now just enjoy the scenery. Here's a pair of Canadian Geese walking to a vernal pool that will provide some safety for their 9 new hatchlings. Because the baby geese were so small and flightless, the parents stayed close by. I was about 10 feet away when I took this photo. The pair kept their eye on me, but the little guys were oblivious to my presence, more concerned with staying close.

Brooder boxes, feed and bedding material

These are some of the products we will review and provide locations for finding the materials needed to raise not only healthy chicks, but other livestock and pets.

Stock photo baby chicks

Next Steps...

Until we have sponsors, advertisers, or a few products of our own... feel free to submit questions via the blog page.